Floating Bed

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Jul 082006

This creation recently caught my eye, as another example of something that’s “not quite art, but still really cool”, namely the magnetic floating bed. More information and pictures can be found at “Universe Architecture” (click on “floating bed”):

The object is held up 40 cm by a permanent magnetic force due to the use of neodymium (NdFeB) elements in the floor as well as in the object. Thin steel cables assure it’s position and the smart use of steel plates and air make the object user friendly by strongly decreasing the magnetic force where it’s not necessary.

Different possible uses such as a bed, sofa, Japanese dining table, display for objects or as base for a floating pavilion can be thought of since the artefact can carry a load of 900 kg.

One serious downside is the price, expected to run approximately 1,200,000 euros or $1.5 million. (Via BBspot.)

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