As I wrap up my comments on the various false friends of Objectivism, I have a request. (My comments on these matters will come to a close in the next few days, if not with this post. I might still respond to questions and comments on SoloPassion as they arise, but I plan to write no further essays for NoodleFood or elsewhere. I’ve written more than enough already; it’s long past time to eliminate the distraction.)

Over the past year and some, many people have substantially revised their judgments of Nathaniel and Barbara Branden upon reading Jim Valliant’s The Passion of Ayn Rand’s Critics. I’ve been delighted to read various statements from various people on various corners of the internet. I would like to collect some of those comments, but I’d have a terrible time attempting to find even a substantial chunk of them. I’m also interested in any new remarks that anyone might have, whether brief or lengthy. (I’m not seeking to arouse further debate about the book, although I’ve no objection to that.)

So, my request is this: If you wrote something about how The Passion of Ayn Rand’s Critics changed your mind, can you post those remarks (or a link thereto) in these comments? Also, feel free to write up new remarks — or post links to the remarks of others. (Private e-mail to [email protected] would be fine too.)

I would be most grateful.

  • john gold

    Hasnt this book been debunked by neil parille and other?

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