Light and Fluffy

 Posted by on 30 June 2006 at 2:59 am  Uncategorized
Jun 302006

Since OCON starts today, expect NoodleFoodling to be light for the next week.

Also, I’ve decided that I need to be much more selective about the correspondence to which I devote my time. I’ve been particularly overwhelmed by e-mail since this spring, in that I’ve had 50 to 120 messages in my inbox awaiting reply instead of the usual 20 to 30. I’d like to get the number of languishing e-mails down to zero. And I want to leave myself good time to keep up with particular friends.

So feel free to write me as you please; I will read all my mail. However, please be aware that I might write you back saying that I simply don’t have time to reply. I figure that’s better than doing what I do now, namely seeming to ignore e-mail even while hoping for some few spare moments in which to reply to it months later.

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