Paul’s Sharp Mishap

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Jun 262006

Paul and I are in Bar Harbor (Maine) for a few days of hiking and biking before OCON. We flew to Boston on Saturday morning, drove a few hours to Freeport (Maine). We spent the night, then indulged in the glory of the L.L.Bean flagship store. (Yes, that’s why we decided to stop in Freeport. It was well worth it.) We arrived in Bar Harbor on Sunday (yesterday) afternoon, quickly checked into our lovely accommodations at the Greycote Inn, then headed out to one of the trailheads for a four mile hike.

That didn’t work out quite as planned. While in the parking lot, Paul cut himself while attempting to remove the tag off of his new hiking hat with his pocketknife. The cut wasn’t life-or-limb-threatening, but it was bleeding quite profusely. It was clearly deep enough to need stitches.

Happily, I remembered the location of the hospital in town, since we passed it while searching for our lodgings. So I drove him the mere ten minutes to it. Paul was stitched and bandaged up within the hour. (I’ve never been in and out of an ER so quickly!) He got just three stitches, a tetanus shot, and a huge bandage. The bandage looks much worse than the wound: it’s extra insurance against bumps and scrapes.

Paul felt fine thereafter, so headed out for our hike, albeit a bit later than expected. We opted for an easier but longer route along one of the wide gravel carriage roads, so that he wouldn’t bump his wound while scrambling.

So… without further ado… here’s my uber-bandaged husband at the trailhead.

I’ve promised to buy Paul a pair of kiddie-style blunt-end scissors once we return home.

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