Fun with Scientologists

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Jun 142006

Finally, Hollywood has produced a director I might be able to like:

Scientologists may want indie director John Roecker to “Live Freaky Die Freaky” after an explosive encounter with Jenna and Bodhi Elfman, two promient members of their Church.

Roecker was sporting a self-made black t-shirt with a picture of Tom Cruise and the words “Scientology is Gay!” on the front and a picture of John Travolta (a la “Stayin’ Alive”) and the words “Very Gay!” on the back. According to an account on the Kevin and Bean morning show on LA’s KROQ and later on, the shirtless man (Bodhi) said, “Hey man, you’re making fun of my religion.”

In Roecker’s account, the Elfmans began to shout at him, with the “Dharma & Greg” star repeatedly asking, “What crimes have you committed?” and “Have you raped a baby?” In return, he tried to question them about one of their central tenets: the story of Xenu, the supposed alien ruler of the Galactic Confederacy that lived 75 million years ago who was afraid of being deposed and brought billions of his enemies to exterminate on Earth. Much of the story has leaked onto the Internet, but Scientologists tend to maintain its confidentiality.

There was reportedly a younger man accompanying the couple who was told to cover his ears whenever Roecker mentioned Xenu.

According to Jenni Weinman, Bodhi Elfman’s publicist, her client “was out for a Sunday stroll with his wife, when some guy walks by with a t-shirt on, very prominently attacking his religion. Words were extended and Bodhi and Jenna were personally attacked for their beliefs. As they went about their business, the guy continued to try to illicit [sic] negative responses from the both of them. As they walked away he continued to scream propaganda and hate at them. Apparently he spent all Monday calling the press to promote himself.”

The story is just fabulous, even if just a smidge true. (In fact, the bizarre accusations of crimes by Jenna give it some credibility, since that tactic is straight out of L. Ron’s Handbook for Crazed Scientologists Unable to Plausibly Respond to Critics.)

Oh, and don’t miss this tiny gem in the sea of large precious stones: a publicist unfamiliar with the difference between “elicit” and “illicit”! What fabulous stories could be generated by that particular ignorance!

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