BodyWorlds II

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Jun 132006

Last week, Paul, Lin Zinser, and I saw BodyWorlds II at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. (I saw it for the first time, whereas they were seeing it again.)

It is a fantastic exhibit of “more than 200 all-new plastinated real human body specimens including more than 20 whole bodies, healthy and unhealthy organs, body parts and slices.” The plastination technique was created and perfected in the past few decades by Dr. Gunther von Hagens.) The resulting bodies and parts thereof are an educational and scientific marvel, so much more revealing than standard diagrams and models of human anatomy.

If one of the three BodyWords exhibits comes to your city, I cannot recommend that you see it highly enough. Right now, it’s in Houston, St. Paul, and Denver. The Denver exhibit will be moving to and opening in Boston on July 29th. Also, Lin heard Dr. von Hagens lecture on the history of his work; she highly recommend that too. (Oh cool, that lecture is available for free here.)

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