On the Brink

 Posted by on 21 June 2002 at 6:45 am  Uncategorized
Jun 212002

Oh, woe, I feel like some washed-up girlfriend upon reading this entry from Brink Lindsey:

I’ve now been at the blogging game for three months, posting almost every weekday and not infrequently on weekends. My guess is that I’m ready to scale back to once or twice a week — I’ve never thought that I could maintain this initial pace for the long term, but I figured more-or-less daily posting at the outset was necessary to build up readers. I hope the folks who’ve discovered this blog over the past three months will continue to tune in even if it’s updated less frequently. We’ll see.

He lured me in with his excellent analyses, only to abandon me once I was hooked on him. The bastard!

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