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Jun 052006

The new blog of The Objective Standard, now delightfully renamed Principles in Practice, is chock full of philosophical goodness. After all, where else will you learn about the similarities between modern totalitarian Islam and the ancient culture of the region?

Oh, and don’t miss this parallel between socialism and theocracy in America, also from John Lewis:

To this point in time, Nabavi is right: explicit calls for a theocracy inside America remain limited to a small group of religious conservatives. But while explicit calls for socialism remain among only a small group of leftists, our country has nevertheless adopted socialist policies impossible three generations ago. The encroachment of religiously-based laws can accomplish a similar theocratic result in less time, if not opposed in a principled way. Fines against the media for “indecency,” and “faith-based” initiatives, are cases in point; all such censorship and religious socialism set precedents for even greater attacks on our freedom in the future. The price of a secular society is eternal vigilance against such laws, and intransigent opposition to the ideas and people that make them possible.

In fact, I’ve now found way too much fantastically blogworthy stuff at Principles in Practice to blog any more particular bits — like John Lewis’ delightful report on the national conference of the Society for Military History and Craig Biddle’s excellent excerpt from his “Morality of Selfishness” talk on the fallacies of the six attempted arguments for altruism. (Silly me, I’d forgotten to check the blog since my return from Moab.)

So if you’ve missed out so far, just start at the top and keep reading!

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