Personal News: Forthcoming Divorce

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Jun 222015

As many of you already know, Paul and I separated in April after 16 years of marriage.

Last week, we decided that we should let friends know that we are definitely on a path to divorce. We’ve started seeing other people (or at least that’s in the works), so we wanted some greater public clarity about the state of our marriage.

Happily, our relationship is very amicable. We meet for a friendly meal about once a week, and we’ve been talking very openly and honestly about our marriage. We’ve also been doing (and will continue to do) divorce counseling together, as well as individual therapy. The legal process of divorce is not yet underway for logistical reasons, but that’ll start sometime in the next few months.

I know that some of you will be surprised by this announcement, but please be assured that Paul and I are doing okay, and that we appreciate the support of our friends as we move forward with our lives. This is a major and difficult life-change for both of us, and I think we’ll be better off at the end of it.

Also… I plan to change back to my maiden name — meaning that I’ll be Diana Mertz Brickell again. To ease the transition, I’m going to start using that socially now and professionally soon. Legally though, that’ll only change with the divorce.

  • shemsky

    Diana, I’m truly sorry to hear this. I always thought that you and Paul made such a lovely couple.

    I wish the best going forward for both you and Paul.

  • Maddoug

    16 years? Ouch. Poor Paul. AWALT, gentlemen…

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