In Quest of a Review

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May 312006

I’m seeking a copy of the letter/review/comment/whatever that Leonard Peikoff and some others (David Harriman, Gary Hull, and Andrew Lewis, I think) wrote about On Ayn Rand. Since I bought the collected backissues of The Intellectual Activist for the Peter Schwartz and Robert Stubblefield eras, I have the original review written by Darryl Wright in Volume 14, Number 3. I’d like to read the second review, but I’m not even sure where to find it.

So can anyone help me out? I’d like to at least know when it appeared, since then I could then borrow the relevant issue from a friend. Or maybe someone with a fancy straight-to-pdf scanner like my mine could e-mail me a copy, if it’s not already in digital format? I would be grateful.

Update: Thanks to Craig Ceely, I found the second review. It was published as a letter to the editor in Volume 14, Number 5 of TIA. Excellent!

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