Two Requests

 Posted by on 3 May 2006 at 1:48 pm  Uncategorized
May 032006

Just so folks know, I am insanely busy right now with the end of the semester, with barely a moment to kiss my fine husband good-night. To give you some sense of the problem, I normally have about 20-30 messages in my inbox, but right now I have over 120 awaiting some kind of action. Also, although my obligations for the semester will end in about a week, Paul and I will be going on a bike trip in Utah the next week. So I expect the situation to get much worse before it gets better.

So I have two requests:

First, behave extra-nicely in the comments. (I haven’t the time to even sort out the recent flurry of accusations — and that worries me.) If discussions turn ugly, I’ll just shut down the comments for a few weeks, until I can manage to keep some kind of eye upon them. Or I’ll forbid conversations about anything more exciting than the weather.

Second, be patient with my lack of response to private e-mails. I’m not answering anything but three-alarm fires right now. And I suspect that I’m even ignoring some of those. If I don’t reply by June, feel free to e-mail me again. (I hope to keep posting from the NoodleFood queue, although it is running a bit dry lately. If I’m lucky, my co-bloggers will continue to help me bridge this temporary gap.)

Thanks in advance!

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