Message From The Future

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Apr 162006

At tonight’s monthly FROLIC dinner Jennifer Armstrong told me about an essay on the website of science fiction writer Dan Simmons (author of the “Hyperion” series), entitled “Message From The Future”.

His essay is couched in the form of a science-fiction short-short story on the future of America and Islam. It’s been getting a lot of buzz on the internet, and it’s quite chilling. Although the primary webpage has been intermittently down, the Google cache version is still available. The relevance to today’s situation will be immediately obvious. (The reference to Athens and the Peloponnesian war will be especially meaningful to those who have heard John Lewis’ excellent talk, “Failure of Homeland Defense“.)

I was worried before, but I’m really alarmed now. The advantage of a good fiction writer like Simmons is that he can use this medium to concretize his message in a different way from a standard philosophy essay. Read the story.

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