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Jun 192002

A number of concerned friends have e-mailed me in the past few days about my presence at upcoming Summer Seminar of The Objectivist Center, given that the Hayman fire still threatens home and hearth. Given my presentation schedule, after all, I expect that my absence would be rather problematic. I am slated to present my paper on false excuses at the Advanced Seminar that runs from June 26th to June 29th. At the regular seminar from June 29 to July 6, I am giving the six-lecture introductory course on Objectivism entitled Objectivism 101, as well as a single lecture on honesty entitled White Lies, Black Lies. Oh, and of course, Paul is slated to (merely) attend the regular seminar too.

But don’t worry, I’ll be there! Paul and I will be more or less evacuating while we are gone, in case the fire does head northeast while we’re gone. Our essential stuff (now packed in our vehicles) will be moved into storage. The horses will remain with the ever-generous Mike Paul until we return. Our usual and wonderful neighborhood housesitter will stay at our house to take care of the dogs and cats, ready to evacuate them to the Buddy Center of the Denver Dumb Friends League if needed.

Frankly, it will be nice to be away for a while. The need to stay tethered close to home, religiously watching the news three times a day, constantly focusing on about even small shifts in the weather outside, alternating between irrational hope and irrational despair, and mostly just waiting for the real emergency to finally materialize has been exhausting. I’m very pleased that I’ll be able to leave town knowing that everything important has already been arranged.

Also, I expect that attending the TOC Seminar will sooth my intense aggravation of being forced to miss the much-looked-forward-to IHS Social Change Workshop going on right now. I haven’t been able to read The Volkh Conspiracy these past few days, due to blinding envy upon reading posts from Sasha like this one.

So don’t worry guys, we’ll be there, come (literally) hell or high water!

Update: Due to serious philosophic and moral objections, I am no longer associated with The Objectivist Center in any way, shape, or form. My reasons why can be found on my web page on The Many False Friends of Objectivism.

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