Eric Barnhill’s Improvisations

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Mar 282006

My long-time friend Eric Barnhill is an amazing concert pianist doing all kinds of interesting work in music theory and education. He recently e-mailed me about his new music improvisation blog. He said:

You being the blogger you are, I thought you might like to know I started my own blog — but it’s a blog of actual music! I improvise a new piece and put it up every day, or close to it. I’m also telling you because I think you’ll like the music. I explain why I’m doing it, and the central role I think improvisation needs to play in musical creativity, over at the site. Let me know if you ever check it out. Keep up your good work!

I finally had a chance to check out some of Eric’s improvisations late last week. My first, second, and third thought upon hearing the most recent recording was basically: Holy *@!&@^#, that’s improvisation?!?” I had the same thought about the next one I heard. And the one after that. Eric was right: I do like them. And I look forward to listening to the rest of them!

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