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Mar 262006

Over the past few days, I’ve been arguing quite a bit over on SoloPassion. That’s new for me, since I’d always refused to enter the debates on SOLO before.

Previously, when SOLO was SoloHQ, I didn’t think I would be heard, given the regular posters’ propensity to (1) insult me viciously and (2) misrepresent my position, and (3) criticize my views without reading my writings. However, after the split of SoloHQ, the worst people gravitated to Rebirth of Reason and Objectivist Living. As of last week, I thought I was reasonably likely to get a fair hearing at SoloPassion, thanks in substantial part to the ground laid by Linz Perigo, Jim Valliant, Holly Valliant, and Casey Fahey. So I decided to jump into the fray — albeit with some trepidation.

I’ve since posted on a wide variety of topics, including TOC’s ongoing sanction of the Brandens, the influence of Kant’s ideas in history, the evaluation of people affiliated with ARI, David Kelley’s sanction of subjectivism in speaking to the Laissez Faire Supper Club, Robert Mayhew’s editing of Ayn Rand Answers, and the rift between ARI and George Reisman and Edith Packer. While I’ve been subject to some personal attacks in lieu of argument, that’s been pretty rare. And I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten the respectful hearing for which I hoped, including from people who continue to disagree with me. That’s heartening.

So if you’re interested to see what I’ve written — and the responses thereto — you can find all the threads in which I’ve posted on my tracking page.

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