Spring Break!

 Posted by on 23 March 2006 at 12:05 pm  Uncategorized
Mar 232006

Hooray! I’m now officially on Spring Break from Boulder!

I lectured on Pascal’s Wager to the full Intro Philosophy class this morning… and now I’m free! (Normally I just teach my two recitations on Wednesday.) The lecture went well, I think.

In fact, I’m not totally free of classes. I have Scott Powell’s First History class tonight and next Thursday. I also have classes with ARI’s Objectivist Academic Center later this week and next. My Objective Communication class is meeting on Friday evening, my final op-ed for my Intermediate Writing class due on Sunday, then that class meets on Wednesday evening. Still, that’s all fun work — and attending those classes doesn’t require a 60 mile / 60 minute commute to Boulder!

I have tons of paper writing to do during my break from classes at Boulder, as well as a stack of Intro Phil papers to grade. So Spring Break is definitely not a vacation. It’s mostly just a reprieve from my draining four-days-a-week commute. Still, even just that is most welcome.

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