Perry Park Dangers

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Jun 192002

This Yahoo News story indicates that Perry Park faces a particularly grave threat:

Officials were particularly concerned about Perry Park, a subdivision in a canyon in Douglas County. “If the fire gets into that area, those canyons act like a chimney,” Colwell said. “Winds are still the wild card.”

Oh dear. Let’s hope it doesn’t get that far. Perry Park is a pretty big subdivision.

Our neighborhood, Indian Creek Ranch, is fairly hilly, but I’m not really sure how it compares to Perry Park. My vague recollection is that Perry Park is both hillier and more densely covered with scrub oak than here. Thankfully, we do have an excellent buffer between us and Pike National Forest in the form of a large ranch consisting mostly of grassland. But I believe that there are continuous and dense lines of trees from the forest straight through our neighborhood, along Rainbow Creek and Indian Creek.

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