Snide School For Subjective Journalism

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Mar 182006

I think that the reporter who wrote this article on the recent UCLA event on the Danish cartoons must have attended the Snide School For Subjective Journalism. For example:

A grim silence fell over the room. After allowing the audience a moment to process the significance of what was happening, Brook issued an ominous topic sentence: “I believe the cartoon demonstrations are equivalent to 9/11 in terms of their motivation and goals.” Over the next eight minutes, after telling the audience that he stands for free speech, he reiterated the word “terror” in his Brooklyn accent until everyone was dizzy and let loose a diatribe about how we should learn from the Hiroshima example and nuke Iran into submission, and recommended that all those who had issued fatwas against the Danes “should be arrested,” and that “America should have taken action” because “violence is the only way you can stop people from talking.”

Yaron? Brooklyn accent?!? As bad as the claim about Yaron making people “dizzy” then letting loose a “diatrible” is, the last sentence is a far worse (and surely deliberate) misrepresentation: its most natural reading is that Yaron advocates violence to prevent people from talking.

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