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Mar 152006

Recently, I was searching the web for the hours of Mt. Fuji, a Japanese restaurant in the nearby town of Castle Rock, to see if I could schedule the next FROLIC Sunday Dinner there. I came across these minutes of the Castle Rock “Liquor Licensing Authority.” In addition to renewing various liquor licenses (including that of Mt. Fuji, the three person board was considering granting a license to a new liquor store, Village South Wine & Spirits, Inc.

Just consider the awful premises in these few extracts:

Susan Duffy [pro]: Public Opinion LLC, petitioning service for the applicant, presented a Power Point presentation to demonstrate how the petitioning was conducted. Ms. Duffy stated her company had petitioned the designated area District 4, South of Hwy 86 and east of Elbert Street and also, at the request of staff, petitioned businesses in the area north of Hwy 86 as there were few businesses south of Hwy 86. Ms. Duffy submitted the contract for employment and the completed petition as evidence. Ms. Duffy stated 70% of those petitioned were in support of the application. Ms. Duffy also conducted a survey of local municipalities to determine the ratio of liquor stores to the population. Noted the State standard was 1 to 2600, the Town of Castle Rock was 1 for every 3900 people and the average ratio was 1 per every 2980 people. The charts were made a part of the exhibit.

Jerrie Hall [con, area resident]: Stated she had conducted a survey of residences that were not on the petition that was submitted by Public Opinion. Noted her survey consisted of 279 door knocks of which 93 signatures were obtained, 10 were for issuance of the license and 83 were against. The survey was submitted into evidence. Stated she did not believed the Town needed another liquor store and that the traffic on Ridge Road was already unsafe.

Frank Cambria [con, area resident]: 5478 Suffolk Ave. stated he did not think the Town needed another liquor store and stated he was concerned with the traffic currently in Founders.

Gary Clayton [con, area resident]: Stated he did not think Castle Rock needed another liquor store as he always found what he wanted and never had to wait in line at the existing liquor stores in Town.

Glen Smith [pro]: 2597 Oak Vista Drive, stated he was Vice President of Park Land Center, the developer for Founders Market Place. Stated he felt there was a need for a liquor store in this area. Noted this project is in the center of a significant existing and planned residential growth area. Noted the current existing population within a two mile radius is 8,229 persons with a potential future population of 23,007 persons.

Kania [Liquor Board member]: Move to approve the Application for a Retail Liquor Store – Village South Wine & Spirits and read the following Findings and Decision:

The application was found to be in proper form and notices of public hearing were duly published and posted in accordance with law;

The applicant sustained the burden of proof that the proposed granting of a license would be consistent with the desires of the inhabitants and the reasonable needs of the neighborhood; and

The applicant is eligible to hold the license for which applied.

Booth [Liquor Board member]: Seconded the motion the motion passed 3-0.

I’ve known that local governments often require potential businesses to justify themselves, but to see that process in action is extra revolting.

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