The Fourth NoodleFoodler

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Mar 122006

I’m delighted to announce the creation of a fourth NoodleFoodler: Greg Perkins. Paul and I have been friends with Greg for more than a few years. (We originally met at a TOC Summer Seminar.) He was one of the few people honest enough to seriously consider my arguments about TOC’s betrayal of basic Objectivist principles. (As part of that honesty, he was also brave enough to ask me all manner of questions about points he didn’t understand, despite my tendency to impatience.) Since then, he’s been catching up with his studies of Objectivism by plowing through Leonard Peikoff’s major lecture courses. And did I mention that Greg is smart? And fun? Well, he’s all that too. So I’m delighted to have him join the elevated ranks of NoodleFoodlers.

Given his busy schedule, I expect that Greg will be posting occasionally, as Don does. However, I can always hope for more!

Since I proposed Greg’s addition to NoodleFood while we were all at Front Range Objectivism’s excellent (and to be blogged) law conference, I have a picture of all four of us together, courtesy of David Rehm.

From left to right, that’s Don Watkins, Diana Hsieh, Paul Hsieh, and Greg Perkins.

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