Perry Park Evacuated

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Jun 182002

At the moment, the people in the Perry Park area have another 5 minutes or so to evacuate. They were given two hours notice, as well as an announcement this morning that they would likely be evacuated (blogged here). I wish them all the best.

At the moment, my horses are with Mike Paul, just two miles or so north of this new evacuation area. But I have no worries about them, as he can evacuate them quickly as needed. Plus, I suppose that he could evacuate them here if needed, as the hand line on the north side of the fire has held today.

The Hayman fire has now grown to about 120,000 acres. The containment has gone from 47% down to 40%. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be similar to today. Let’s just hope the fire doesn’t get too out of control.

Stay safe, firefighters!

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