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Dec 302014

As 2014 draws to a close, I’d like to ask fans of Philosophy in Action Radio for a small favor of a few sentences: Please help me spread the word about the show by rating and reviewing the podcast in iTunes.

To submit a review, you’ll need to be in the iTunes app. (I don’t see any way to submit a review from the web site.) From the podcast’s web pages (linked below), click on the blue “view in iTunes” button under the podcast image on the web page. (If that doesn’t work, just search for “Philosophy in Action” in iTunes, and look for the versions marked “MP3″ and “M4A”.) Once on the correct page in iTunes, click on “Ratings and Reviews” under the podcast title, and then “Write a review”. Then write away!

Please review both the Enhanced M4A Format and the Standard MP3 Format. The content is the same: the only difference is the file type.

Here are some of the reviews posted since I last made this request:

Thank you for those… and for all the others! Just a sentence or two or three is much appreciated!

  • Daniel J. Lewis

    Congratulations on the reviews you have thus far! Did you know that you have some international reviews, too (on the M4A version)? You can use to check your reviews and automatically email them to you.

    I’m curious. Why do you do still do an M4A version when you already have a universally compatible MP3?

    By the way, there’s a duplicate of your show in iTunes here: You can click “report a concern” in iTunes to explain the duplication and ask them to remove it, or email [email protected].

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