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Feb 192006

Although I don’t know anything about Scott Powell, this announcement of free lecture on studying history looks very interesting.

I’d like to extend a special invitation to you to a free teleconference lecture I’m offering that highlights a new history program I’ve created specifically for Objectivist adults.

As a history teacher at VanDamme Academy for the past three years, I’ve worked extensively on creating an integrated history curriculum for children, and in the process I’ve made wonderful breakthroughs in own studies of the past. Like most of you, I was not taught history, and my early attempts to learn it as an adult were frustrating, to say the least. Indeed, it’s entirely understandable to me that most Objectivists, who are highly intellectual and committed to the value of philosophy, still find history, by contrast, to be inaccessible and even boring.

In my lecture, “Invitation to History,” I will discuss the present state of history from an Objectivist perspective, and I will introduce a new lecture series in the history of Western civilization, entitled “A First History for Adults,” which I am confident will inspire you to include the study of the past in your intellectual pursuits.

Three sessions of “Invitation to History” are currently planned. Feb. 23, 24, and 26. Please visit my website,, for more details and to register. You can also learn more about “A First History for Adults” by navigating through the site.

Best regards,
Scott Powell.
[email protected]

Paul and I have already signed up for the February 23rd session. Personally, I’ve really grown to love history over the past few years. It’s a grand stage in which the basic lines of action are silently driven by the principles of philosophy — for better or worse.

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