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On Sunday’s episode of Philosophy in Action Radio, Greg Perkins and I answered questions on the possibility of an atheistic afterlife, the tip jar, concealing a pet from a landlord, and more. The podcast of that episode is now available for streaming or downloading.

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Whole Podcast: 28 September 2014

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Remember the Tip Jar!

The mission of Philosophy in Action is to spread rational principles for real life… far and wide. That’s why the vast majority of my work is available to anyone, free of charge. I love doing the radio show, but each episode requires an investment of time, effort, and money to produce. So if you enjoy and value that work of mine, please contribute to the tip jar. I suggest $5 per episode or $20 per month, but any amount is appreciated. In return, contributors can request that I answer questions from the queue pronto, and regular contributors enjoy free access to premium content and other goodies.

Podcast Segments: 28 September 2014

You can download or listen to my answers to individual questions from this episode below.


My News of the Week: I’ve been very busy updating Ari Armstrong’s and my paper on abortion rights, as well as preparing for the trial about Colorado’s campaign finance laws.

Question 1: The Possibility of an Atheistic Afterlife

Question: Is it wrong for an atheist to believe in some kind of afterlife? I don’t believe in God, but I hate to think that this life is all that I have. I can’t stand the thought of never again seeing my parents, my children, or my friends again. So is it wrong to think that some kind of afterlife might exist? What’s the harm?

My Answer, In Brief: To believe something that you know to be unjustified is wrong, and that includes belief in an afterlife for an atheist. However, you can and should cope with the very natural feelings of fear and sadness at the prospect of you own demise in a rational way.

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Question 2: The Tip Jar

Question: What’s the deal with the tip jar? Why don’t you find advertisers? What do you do with the money?

My Answer, In Brief: I’ve deliberately chosen not to use an advertising model for revenue, and I’ll be offering premium content to contributors soon.

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Question 3: Concealing a Pet from a Landlord

Question: It is wrong to keep my pet a secret from my landlord? My fiancee and I own a cat. By the rules of our apartment, we should notify our landlord and pay monthly pet rent and deposits. However, we keep a cleaner apartment than the majority of people without pets. If the cat’s not tearing up carpet and peeing on walls, I don’t feel I should pay more than, say, someone who is disrespectful of the property and causes more damage to the unit. Moreover, I recently heard firsthand from a group of experienced landlords that they prefer cleaner tenants with pets as opposed to straight up dirty tenants. So should I fess up and pay or not?

My Answer, In Brief: It is wrong for you to conceal your cat from your landlord: it’s not your property to use however you might see fit. For your own sake, you should sit down and have a conversation about this matter as soon as you can.

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Rapid Fire Questions


  • Should we outlaw peeping tom technologies for private use? How do you address the fact that if your panties are on the internet the cat is out of the bag?
  • What’s the value and purpose of expressing praise or criticism?
  • Can you suggest any books for 4th-6th graders that promote egoism, rationality, or other virtues which aren’t commonly found in books aimed at kids?

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