Two Bits of Bad News

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Jun 172002

Trivial Bad News: My sore throat has returned. *swallow* Ouch! *swallow* Ouch! *swallow* Ouch!

Potentially Significant Bad News: Tomorrow is shaping up to be the worst day for the Hayman fire since that explosive Monday of last week. It’s going to be a “red flag day” tomorrow, which means high temperatures, low humidity, and gusty winds. However, for those of us northeast of the fire, there is good news.

First, the prevailing winds are predicted to be from the north and northwest, so not towards us. (I hate to be so unbenevolent as to even wish such winds towards those south of the fire, particularly given that more people on the south side of the fire were evacuated today. But such is the nature of emergencies.)

Second, I learned in the informational meeting tonight that the firefighters have made great progress these past few days in creating a hand line around the north side of the fire. That narrow line won’t protect us against a crowning fire, but it is an important barrier.

The southeast side of the fire did grow substantially today, as you can see from the red outline in the map below (current as of this evening):

Thankfully, there is some good news for everyone: Rain is forecasted for later this week.

I wish all firefighters and homeowners the best of luck tomorrow. Stay safe!

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