Fight Club, Bollywood Style

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Feb 142006

Paul sent me this tidbit of news from

Bollywood is jumping on the remake bandwagon again, this time with Fight Club which come complete with all the singing and dancing that we’ve come to know and love from this part of the world.

[Then Pulpmovies posts this official synopsis of the movie:]

An exhilarating journey of four friends — Vicky, Karan, Somil and Diku — who, in a constant endeavor to help each other, get entangled in a web of incidents — some romantic, many funny, and all testing the extremes of their friendship. These four friends, who could be mistaken for brothers, offer an example of wonderful camaraderie, all throughout a journey with numerous highs, twists and turns. This journey is further accelerated when Vicky stumbles upon the design of a fight club, a club which gives people a chance to settle scores with their enemies in a unique atmosphere of fun, action and excitement. Amidst the on-going fun and fists, Vicky and Karan get entangled in affairs of the heart and mind with Anu and Shonali which thicken/tighten the group’s bonds… and send them off to New Delhi to look after the “Crossroads” nightclub, which is in the eye of a storm created by Delhi’s most dangerous gangs… In that ongoing, ever-increasing melee, ex-kingpin Anna’s brother, Mohit, gets killed, filling Anna with vengeance… situations take an ugly turn… time calls for a clash… Dinesh, a merciless rival, masterminds a killing plan, with his brother, Sandy, giving him strong company. At this, Team Fight Club calls in their ace, Sameer, a bouncer, to tilt the balance in their favor. In this puffed up atmosphere of fists and fights, Sameer finds love in the name of Komal. Now, in a strange new city, these five boys from Mumbai experience love, passion — and deadly dons…

Just one question: What the heck does any of that have to do with Fight Club?!? (Methinks that someone at Pulpmovies never actually say the Hollywood movie Fight Club since the only similarity between the two films is their titles.)

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