Anti-Cartoon Protests Getting Even More Bizarre

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Feb 122006

In response to the above cartoon recently published in the Akron Beacon-Journal, which didn’t even show Muhammed, but instead criticized CNN for refusing to show the Danish cartoons, local Muslims still staged a protest:

A.R. Abdoulkarim, Amir of the Akron Masjid, applauded newspapers that decided against running the cartoons, but condemned those who did. The Beacon Journal, he said, was in a class of its own.

“They take the prize for being the most ill-intended, irresponsible property group,” he said. “Allah curses and condemns them and every Muslim in this community should curse and condemn them”…

Muslim leaders said Bok’s cartoon was disrespectful because the prophet should not have been depicted in such a way. In fact, they said, there are no pictures or statues of Muhammad because he should not be confused with God…

Cartoonist Chip Bok said that he was criticizing CNN, not Muslims, and he also defended his right to free speech. (Via Volokh.)

As an aside, maybe the editorial staff at CNN need to start wearing this t-shirt.

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