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Jul 112014

  • Don Kenner

    Loved the (tongue in cheek) British rant on why America would be better if Britain had won. But you made me click on Mother Jones Magazine! Trigger warning, please! Your micro-aggression almost sent me into a rage spiral. Heh.

  • c_andrew

    On the guy taking the parking spot and being passive aggressive. One of my friends in college was waiting for a parking spot as the present occupant backed out. Given the angle of his departure, it allowed another driver, who just came along to swoop in and take the spot. The guy jumps out of the car and laughs at Mike while he runs off to class. Mike pulls over to the side, parks it, and remove all 4 cores from the tire valves, waits for the tires to deflate and then thoughtfully replaces them all and the valve caps.

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