Second Question for NoodleFood

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Feb 032006

This one is actually three questions, all from Tim Peck:

Can you tell me the difference between Objectivism and libertarianism…while standing on one foot?

What is the Objectivist solution to genuine environmental concerns; such as the razing of ridge-tops?

Is there a legitimate reason for a city government to limit or curtain urban sprawl?

I really like the first question for its request for the essential distinction between libertarianism and Objectivism. (I’m sick with a head cold right now, so I won’t attempt to answer it. My brain isn’t working well enough to essentialize anything!) The answer to that question should be recognizable to libertarians, in the sense that a reasonably honest one will say, “Yeah, that’s what we believe.” And just for reference, Ayn Rand’s Q&As on libertarianism can be found here on the ARI web site.

Also, I’d be interested to hear from Tim Peck why he asks the second two questions. In other words, Tim, why do you think those are significant issues? (Please post your reply in the comments for all to see.)

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