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Normally, I don’t publish letters from readers of NoodleFood, but occasionally, I receive one so amazing that I cannot resist sharing it.

Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 10:34:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Michael Hardesty
To: [email protected]
Subject: You Are Totally Ignorant Of The History Of The Middle East

1) The Zionist Connection by Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal

2) The Question of Palestine by Edward Said

3) The Fateful Triangle by Noam Chomsky

4) The Great War For Civilization: The Conquest of The Middle East by Robert Fisk

5) What Price Israel ? by Alfred M. Lilienthal

6) The Other Side of The Coin by Alfred M. Lilienthal

7) Pity The Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon by Robert Fisk

There are many other works but these will constitute an excellent start and help you to BEGIN to conquer the Grand Canyon-sized abyss of ignorance that has characterized ALL of you’re rantings on this subject.

I’d be willing, with compensation, to do a point by point rebuttal to all of you’re published comments on this subject from terrorism, Israel & the USA have long been the leading terrorist states on the planet, to you’re racist views on Arabs and the Fox News cartoon “understanding” of Islam, as if that religion was more irrational than Judaism and Christianity or more historically violent than those two.

I agree with you on the PARC issue but both sides are totally off the wall on foreign policy and particularly the Middle East.

Rand’s incredibly racist views towards Arabs and American Indians as exemplified in Ayn Rand Answers are far more a condemnation of her than anything asserted by the Brandens. Not to mention her Nazi-like views on retarded children in same. They should be hidden away from normal kids !!!!!!!!!!!

LBJ looks like an enlightened philosopher by contrast.

Unfortunately shifting from the Brandenite TOC line to the ARI party line is not an indication of independent thinking.

Anymore than the shift of many New Republic readers from allegiance to the Soviet state to allegiance to the Israeli state. Same old treason in a new form.

You’ll have to pardon the tone here but in reading you’re various diatribes from Terri Schiavo to the Middle East, I have found you to be a nasty, loudmouthed asshole.

So I adapt my style to the recipient, in you’re case I’m sure I’m being too polite.

Michael Hardesty

Wow, what a fantastic suggested reading list: not just Noam Chomsky, but two by Robert Fisk! (Yes, I heard enough from the America-hating leftists on that list not to waste my time reading their books.) And that was nice job of misrepresenting Ayn Rand’s views too.

Indeed, I don’t “have to pardon the tone” of that letter — and I won’t! I do really wonder why a person would take the time and effort to write such a supposedly educational letter — while brazenly declaring their total contempt for the mind of his reader? I can understand someone disagreeing with me, disliking me, or whatnot — but that kind of self-contradictory action is beyond bizarre. Well, I can only hope that Mr. Hardesty will send me another nice note to clarify.

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