Batting Bricks

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Jun 162002

Charles Oliver’s April Brickbats were delightful. Some I had already heard, thanks to my wanderings through the blogosphere. But others were new to me, such as this one:

Gun Safety (4/9/02)
A Quebec City cop visited a local elementary school to talk to children. Apparently, the talk wasn’t about gun safety. While visiting the restroom, the cop put his loaded revolver on the back of a toilet. He then forgot it and left. A 7-year-old boy found the gun, which didn’t even have its safety catch on. Fortunately, the boy reported the gun to teachers and didn’t fire it.

VodkaPundit’s suggestion to ban government ownership of firearms is looking better all the time. (Okay, so he was just talking about the Feds.)

Another delight is found in Norway:

Sex Crime (4/16/02)
Doctors at Norway’s national prison have prescribed Viagra to at least two prisoners serving time for sex crimes. One of the prisoners later raped his son in the prison visiting area. Medical officials are unapologetic. “If they have a problem, they have the same rights as anyone else to get help,” said chief medical officer Anders Smith.

Yeah, I suppose those prisoners have a right to give some sweet hot love to welcome the new guy when he drops the soap in the shower too. Amazing.

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