Nazis Still to Blame

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Jan 262006

This old article from The Weekly Standard on NY Times reporter Walter Duranty’s dishonest apologies for Soviet atrocities favorably mentioned a biography: Stalin’s Apologist: Walter Duranty: The New York Times’s Man in Moscow. When I looked up the book on Amazon, I noticed two normal, generally favorable reviews. Then there’s this raving gem from an unidentified reviewer:

Nazi propaganda Rehash, June 22, 2003

This book is a compilation of the same slanders that the US and European oligarhic installed Nazis promoted about Stalin. The fascist liars have a big problem in that the reports of the times from legitimate journalists contradict their Hitlerite ravings. Duranty didn’t win a pulitzer prize because he was incompetent. I suggest you get a copy of the book “Fraud, Famine, and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard” by Douglas Tottle [here]. It is effectively censored (as it knocks the lying fascists into the mud) off the market but your library can do an interlibrary loan for you if you ask them. You would not believe the sources the fascists use for their lies (Nazis mainly, counterfit photos from the 1920 famine when 14 capitilist countries attacked Russia all at once….they then claim these are from 1933 even though they are ALL in 1921 publications readily availabl;e!!!) and all the real sources of the time that contradict their lies they denounce. Most of these lies come from Ukrainian organizations of Nazi collaborators that were allowed into canada and the US and publish this filth as their own hands drip with real blood.


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