Killer Tests

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Jan 242006

I have been killing myself with this so-called “intelligence test” over the past few days. I’ve also just started its brother-in-frustration.

I’ve only gotten 23 of 33 on the first test so far, but my feelings about it exactly match those of my obviously smarter friend Cliff, who said: “Okay, I’ve got 27/33 so far. But I feel just as stupid as when I started! Still haven’t given up on the last 6, though. It’s funny: you can stare at some of these for a long time getting nowhere, and then suddenly it’s obvious.”

Exactly! I think the test requires some unusual and difficult methods of scanning one’s memory, since we generally don’t store anything by the inessential of number.

Please DO NOT post any hints or answers whatsoever in the comments. For those of you who give up, you’ll find the link to the actual answers in the FAQ.

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