On Sunday’s episode of Philosophy in Action Radio, Greg Perkins and I answered questions on weak versus strong atheism, dating people with psychological problems, and more. The podcast of that episode is now available for streaming or downloading.

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Whole Podcast: 11 May 2014

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Podcast Segments: 11 May 2014

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Question 1: Weak Versus Strong Atheism

Question: Should a rational person’s atheism be weak or strong? People often distinguish between “weak atheism” and “strong atheism.” The weak atheist regards the arguments for the existence of God as invalid, so that God’s existence has not been proven. The strong atheist positively asserts that God does not exist. Which of these views is correct?

My Answer, In Brief: Weak atheism is the result of seeing that the arguments for the existence of God fail. Strong atheism is the result of seeing that God’s very nature is impossible. Both views are true, and the view that any person should adopt is the view consistent with his best understanding and thinking.

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Question 2: Dating People with Psychological Problems

Question: Is it a mistake to enter into a serious relationship with a person with serious psychological problems? Recently, my wife took her own life after a long struggle with major depression and other psychological issues. When we started dating, I saw clearly that she had issues although they were not as bad at the time. She was also intelligent, beautiful, and ambitious – among other good qualities. At the time, I thought she could work through her psychological issues with support, and she did improve for a while. However, after her loss, I’ve decided that, when and if I’m to the point where I’m interested in dating again, I will avoid becoming involved with women who display clear psychological problems. This decision has forced me to wonder if it was a mistake to become involved with my wife in the first place. So is it a mistake to enter into a serious relationship, knowing that the person has serious psychological struggles?

My Answer, In Brief: You face two different issues: (1) Should I risk doing this again? (2) Should I regret having done it? The answer to both questions seems to be “no.” So don’t date women with clear psychological problems, but don’t regret your marriage to your wife.

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Rapid Fire Questions


  • How would you articulate why consciousness cannot come before existence?
  • In “Pride and Prejudice,” is it Mr Darcy’s fault that people perceive him as arrogant, or are they just too quick to judge?
  • Are you superstitious about anything? If so, why?

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