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Jan 232006

An announcement from my sax-playing, philosophy-writing, computer-programming friend Greg Perkins for anyone in the Boise area:

Hey, guys. Here’s an early warning so you can reserve good seats before the real publicity starts.

Onomatopoeia’s big annual concert is almost here! It will be hotter than ever, with brand new music from a CD we’re recording in the studio right now. Plus this year we’ll enjoy cushy chairs, reserved seating, and three times the space in Boise’s historic Egyptian Theatre! As a bonus, your screams, claps, and the annoying candy-wrapper noises from that guy a few seats down will be immortalized with crystal clarity as we stream every channel on the mixing board to a digital recorder for airing on public radio and a live concert CD.

What: Kevin Kirk & Onomatopoeia (visit
When: Friday March 3rd, 8:00pm-10:00ish
Where: Downtown Boise’s Egyptian Theatre (visit ) Reserve Seats: $15-$25 at the Egyptian Ticket Office, 387-1273 (call 2:00-9:00pm)

Please pass it on!

P.S.: I think the very best seats will be near the front on the ground floor and at the front of the balcony, so reserving seats soon is a good idea. The Egyptian tells me that the seating prices are set at $25 for the ground floor (rows B-N), $20 for the front half of the balcony (rows O-T), and $15 for the back half (rows U-Z). Here’s their seating chart and a view from the balcony.

One of these days, I’m going to see Greg play — and I’m going to jump and scream like a teenage groupie!

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