May 092014

I need a bit of help finalizing the text of the Explore Atlas Shrugged Study Guide, the book that I’ll very soon publish through Amazon as an ebook and paperback.

The Study Guide will include the questions for all 20 sessions, as well as the plot summaries, a character guide, and a FAQ on running an Atlas Shrugged Reading Group. Basically, the Study Guide include everything in the online version of Explore Atlas Shrugged, except the podcasts.

Just last night, I finished writing the Character Guide. That was a very labor-intensive process, more so than expected. That’s because I decided to do something very different — and hopefully, much more useful — than a standard character guide. Instead of just offering a brief description of each character, I described each character’s various contributions to the novel, including relevant page numbers.

After doing all that, my brain is fried, so I could use your help in reviewing the text of that Character Guide. I need to know anything that might be unclear, wordy, or ungrammatical. It’s freely available for now, and you’ll just need to email me with suggested changes by Monday morning. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also take a look at the Plot Summaries too.

If you offer me substantive comments, I’ll happily offer you free access to Explore Atlas Shrugged.

Oh, and check out the fabulous cover that the talented Tori Press of the Red Queen Design Studio created for me:

I’m really excited about this project, and I hope to earn enough money from it to justify turning the podcasts of Explore Atlas Shrugged into their own book!

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