Apr 302014

As April draws to a close, I wanted to share a few of the kind words that I’ve gotten from fans of Philosophy in Action Radio over the past few months. Then, if you’re so inclined, you can throw a bit of love into our tip jar!

Here’s one:

I love listening to your work. As soon as I get some disposable income I will send a piece of it your way. I also just ordered your book on moral luck and am excited to get into it. Keep up the good work! (As long as you enjoy it, that is.)

Thank you! My book on moral luck is available here: Responsibility & Luck: A Defense of Praise and Blame. I’ll have copies with me at ATLOSCon that I’ll sign and sell for $20.

Here’s another:

I am working through your backlog, slowly catching up to the present. You, Greg and your Weds. interviewees are often my companions while I am cooking and eating. Always interesting, entertaining, and informative. Thanks for the company, beats cable TV!

Awesome! Here’s yet another:

I personally credit your blog and especially your podcasts with helping to ground me in the facts, limit my snap judgments in situations that require more thought and integration, and monitor my tone and word selection in stating my judgments. I have come to respect how difficult it is to consider the facts and form a final judgment, particularly about people! Objectivism is indispensable to understanding the standards, but to judge each particular situation or person requires the identification of the facts specific to that issue, evaluation through thought, and the process of integration. … please accept my gratitude for influencing me to become more careful and deliberate in my judgments, and more effective in delivering them. In other words, thank you for helping me to become more objective.

Thank you for those kind words! I’m so glad that my message has been heard.

Here’s another:

After a prolonged conservation with two Christians I went ahead and listened to all of your philosophy of religion podcasts. They were really helpful in both clarifying their arguments and explaining why they are wrong. For this information, thank you.

Great! You can find those podcasts on philosophy of religion on this page. I never completed that series, but I’d like to do so. If enough people express an interest, that might just happen.

The Tip Jar

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