Hooray! I’m fast approaching the break-even point on my expenses for publishing Responsibility & Luck! Hence, new purchases will be paying me for the many hours of labor that I spent editing and otherwise preparing the book for publication… very soon!

Of course, I could have opted for the “respectable” route with a traditional publisher. Happily though, I don’t care about my academic reputation in the slightest. For by that method, I would have been lucky to have been paid anything more than a pittance. Moreover, I would have lost control over the whole process of publication — to the detriment of myself and my readers, I think. Sure, the book took far more work to edit and publish than I expected. But given the results, I can’t be unhappy with that.

Just FYI, my plans to produce a podcast series on the book were put on hold due to other commitments, but that’ll happen starting in May or June. So if you have questions or comments on the book that you’d like me to address, by all means, email them to me!

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