It’s About Time!

 Posted by on 14 June 2002 at 5:48 pm  Uncategorized
Jun 142002

Well, I’ve finally updated my blogroll. Apologies to all those people to whom I ought to have linked months ago, like VodkaPundit. The categories don’t mean a whole lot, although they do roughly indicate my blogreading habits. Spaghetti, being an everyday all-purpose noodle, contains the blogs I read every day. Ramen, of course, is a guilty but infrequent pleasure.

Given the noodle theme of the blog, I probably ought to add that I don’t eat many noodles in real life. I generally stick to a loose variation of the Zone Diet, which obviously precludes heavy carbohydrates like noodles. The diet never made me lose weight, but it does keep my energy level constant throughout the day and has eliminated those woozy fits of low blood sugar. But most importantly, it enables me to live life with only the occasional migraine. So hooray for protein!

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