This delightful gem of a comment was offered on my blog post, Asking for Rape?, presumably because I dared to criticize Leonard Peikoff’s view that a woman cannot withdraw consent for sex after penetration.

I feel sorry for these haters of mine, in a way. I was supposed to wither away into obscurity after they’d exposed my treacherous ways — particularly, my failure to properly respect every last one of Leonard Peikoff’s opinions. Surely, I couldn’t possibly succeed after that!


Instead, my influence has continued to spread, as evidenced by an over 50% increase in downloads and listens to Philosophy in Action Radio in 2013. I published my first book, Responsibility & Luck: A Defense of Praise and Blame too. That’s not a bad bit of work for the year after my intended demise!

So… go home, dogmatic Objectivists, you’re drunk!

  • getironic

    I’ve had a run-in with this person before too.

    Those words sound like psychological projection to me.

  • John Pryce

    While I don’t agree that there is a point where consent cannot be withdrawn, I DO believe there is a point where I don’t have much sympathy for the woman. In his house for a drink? Okay. In his bedroom, naked, having spent the last ten minutes engaged in foreplay? If you didn’t want to have sex with him, this is a really cruel moment to stop. If you don’t actually want him, stop before the clothes come off.

  • gadfly

    Your success is only because nature abhors a vacuum. Peikoff is a tired old man, no one else has risen up to his level of distinction, so the rank and file are simply making due with what’s offered. There’s simply nothing else new that’s worth paying attention to.

    Once Peikoff bequeaths his ill-gotten control over Rand’s estate to some kook like that commentator (a particularly ambitious and creative kook, but a kook nonetheless), you will be marginalized and disappear into oblivion (a la David Kelley). Of course, you will have deserved it – because you had a hand in allowing Peikoff to become as unhinged and “drunk on power” as he now is. You unscrupulously sided with his dishonest attack on Kelley because you thought it would help you (which it did, for a time), only to see the same “herd thinning” tactic of blowing up relatively minor, highly contextual disagreements into pseudo-intellectual cause celebres unleashed upon you (which actually had to happen, so long as Leonard was still breathing, didn’t have anything of any significance left to offer, but still wanted to be treated as such).

    It was your fealty to Peikoff which made you, and – ironically – is will be what will ultimately bring you down. Enjoy, for now, how pretty your bed looks Diana, because eventually you will have to lie in it.

    • Diana Hsieh


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