Axiomatic – Issue 4 is Available!

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Jan 052006

And now what you’ve all been waiting for: the fourth issue of Axiomatic is available for public consumption. Inside this month’s issue you will find:

“Don’t Steal This Article” by Greg Perkins. A scathing critique of the libertarian assault on intellectual property rights. As is proper for an Objectivist article, Mr. Perkins does not waste words answering every argument and example cited by his opponents — he identifies their basic error and eloquently blasts it to the land where bad ideas go to die.

“Ayn Rand vs. Hollywood’s Self-Censorship – Part 3 of 3″ by David P. Hayes. David Hayes completes his riveting account of Ayn Rand’s struggle with Hollywood self-censorship, discussing the opposition Rand faced in trying to safeguard the integrity of the film version of The Fountainhead, destined to be a controversial movie at a time when controversy could keep a film from being made or released.

And also be sure not to miss my tribute to Leonard Peikoff in this month’s “From the Editor…” feature.

Also, please note that additional sample articles are now available on our subscription page, including Part 1 of Travis Norsen’s three part article on Einstein’s contribution to Quantum Theory, as well as my interview with Diana.

Finally, let me remind you that we are always looking for new authors. If you are interested in writing for Axiomatic, please email me at egoist(at)gmail(dot)com. You can either propose your own idea for an article or work with us to develop one.

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