Smoke and Small Cakes

 Posted by on 14 June 2002 at 8:20 am  Uncategorized
Jun 142002

The neighborhood is covered in smoke again. The winds are mild, but clearly must be headed up in our direction. So I’m off to run a few errands this morning before the winds pick up speed this afternoon. The fire is now up to 100,000 acres. Wow.

Last night, I decided to treat myself by making a chiffon cake. They are baked in a tube pan (like an angel food cake). But my two-piece pan obviously needs replacement, as about half the batter leaked all over the bottom of the oven. So I have a chiffon cake, but it is a bit short. I suppose that half a chiffon cake is better than none. Speaking of which, I’m going to go have a slice for breakfast!

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