Russia and the West, Past and Future

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Jan 022006

I recently finished reading Werner Keller’s 1962 book East Minus West = Zero: Russia’s Debt to the Western World, 862-1962. In engaging and informative detail, the book chronicles 1100 years of Russia importing technology from the West, sometimes by purchase but often by theft, then using that technology to attack the West. Although the Soviet Union is gone, that pattern is sure to continue, particularly in light of Russia’s predictable return to autocracy under Putin. And the US government’s policy of not merely appeasing our enemies, but deliberately and actively helping them continues to this day.

I was inspired to pick up a copy of the now out-of-print book thanks to Edith Efron’s November 1962 review published in The Objectivist Newsletter. In her closing sentence, she said that the book “cannot be too strongly recommended.” I’ll second that! So now I turn to another book positively reviewed in The Objectivist Newsletter: Roosevelt’s Road to Russia.

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