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Jan 022006

Ari Armstrong recently posted a nice review of Craig Biddle’s Loving Life. His concluding paragraph really captures the value of the book:

Biddle’s book is a concise yet rich introduction to Objectivist ethics. Page for page, it’s the most helpful book devoted to the subject that I’ve read. Biddle regularly formulates principles I thought I already knew in a new and sometimes startlingly clarifying way. Biddle discusses some very sophisticated ideas, yet never do they seem dry or merely “academic,” for they are means, as Biddle writes, of loving life.

All true!

Also, Ari’s article “The Season for Reason” contains an excellent lengthy discussion of the false alternative between religion and subjectivism. (I’m delighted to see Ari making good use of the insights from Leonard Peikoff’s The DIM Hypothesis, since it was my pleasure to lend the course to him! I hope he continues to find the ideas illuminating in his political activism. Certainly, the course added a rich new layer to my philosophical understanding of the world — and I’m sure that I have much more to mine from it. I’m particularly glad that both Paul and I have heard it, since we can now condense a vast array of judgments about some idea — often one commonly found in TOC circles — into the mere statement of “Oh, that’s just so D1.”)

Ari’s Colorado Freedom Report is well worth reading, more so all the time. (Many of the articles are not specific to Colorado politics.) If you’d like to subscribe to the e-mail alert (with quick summaries of and links to new articles), just send Ari an e-mail with a request to join. If you like what you read, please consider a donation.

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