Happy Christmas and Merry New Year

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Dec 262005

I am bad at retrospectives. My memory is notoriously poor, and besides, I’ve never much enjoyed reading them let alone writing them. But as this year closes, I do want to say a few thank you’s to everyone who has made 2005 such an amazing year for me.

First, foremost, and above all, thank you to Diana: for allowing me to post here, and for being so supportive of me and my work. It’s so much easier to blog when there’s no pressure to post every day. And it’s so much more enjoyable to blog when I know that every post will be met with a slew of comments from NoodleFood’s wonderful readers (in particular RT, who wins my coveted “Best Commentor” award).

Thank you to everyone who has helped make Axiomatic the modest success it has been: my readers, writers, and editors. A very special thanks to MB — without his editorial guidance, the quality of the magazine wouldn’t have come close to what it has been — and David Arceneaux, whose services as Axiomatic’s webmaster can never be fully repayed (unless a bunch more of you subscribe and shower me with money.)

Thank you to James Valliant, whose book The Passion of Ayn Rand’s Critics has changed so many minds, and has put Rand’s detractors on the defensive…which is where they deserve to be.

Thank you to Yaron Brook and the staff at the Ayn Rand Institute — you guys are doing amazing things. I only wish I could afford to donate more.

Finally, thank you to my best friend David Rehm…for everything.

Oh, and there’s one more person left to thank, but for that, you’ll have to wait for the January issue of Axiomatic, due out, well…in January.

Happy Holidays,

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