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Dec 232005

In Howard Roark’s courtroom speech in The Fountainhead, he said, “The world is perishing from an orgy of self-sacrificing.” The philosophical state of the world today is basically the same, if not worse. So I’m pleased to see that Ed Hudgins of The Objectivist Center is tacking the tough issues of the day by …. (drumroll please) …. reviewing Kong — and not even in a philosophical way. Here’s about as good as it gets:

Giving character to animals in movies not meant merely for children is always fraught with the danger of making them too human, which they’re not, especially in the case of apes, which do have a rudimentary intelligence. Jackson strikes a good balance with Kong, a creature scarred by daily battles for survival who’s comes across something that piques his simian curiosity and charms him. But he’s still a killer, though his rampage through New York is clearly caused by his tacky mistreatment on Broadway by Denham.

As a friend of mine said in forwarding me the link, “Well, I’m glad that’s been cleared up!”

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