Vicious Play

 Posted by on 11 December 2005 at 12:22 pm  Uncategorized
Dec 112005

We’re not even into the second half of the game yet, but I’m already completely appalled by the dangerous attacks upon the Indianapolis offense by the Jacksonville defense. It’s the most vicious illegal play I’ve ever seen, far worse than from thuggish teams like Baltimore and Oakland.

First — and worst of all — was a facemask with such twist and speed that it could well have broken the neck of the Colts’ player, Troy Walters. Then Jacksonville had a nasty late hit to the back of an clearly down Colts receiver, Reggie Wayne. Then after a play and in the middle of a small pile, a Jacksonville player grabbed, shook, and pounded on the helmet of a Colt.

At first, I thought that the culprit in all three cases might have been a single Jacksonville player, but I just checked the TiVo recording, and three different Jacksonville players were to blame. I hope that the Jacksonville coach rips those defenders to shred during their little halftime chat — and that all get fined large sums of money by the NFL. And they ought to lose too, but that’s a given.

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