Letters in Commentary

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Dec 082005

I never managed to read Algis Valiunas’ article “Who Needs Ayn Rand” published this fall in Commentary. I didn’t manage to read it at a newsstand, I haven’t been to the CU Boulder library in ages, and based upon what I heard about it, I wasn’t going to pay a dime to read it online. (Gideon Reich did post a lengthy response to it with some juicy quotes though.)

Happily, Commentary did publish a series of excellent letters, many from ARI-affiliated scholars. The pathetic response from Valiunas made me happy that I never managed to inflict his original article upon myself. (Just FYI, for some reason I could only open the PDF file of the letters from Explorer, not FireFox.)

Once again, I encourage the rabid haters of ARI to avoid reading those letters, since doing so might perturb their baseless claims that ARI scholars refuse to engage their intellectual opponents.

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