Axiomatic – Issue 3 Now Available

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Dec 042005

At the risk of making Diana feel even more guilty for not writing her review…

Issue 3 of Axiomatic is now available. Inside this issue:

The Rationalist Corruption of Sex by Don Watkins III: Some people use sex in an attempt to gain, rather than express, self-esteem. They view it as a test of their worth: they are good if they get the girl; if they don’t, they’re not. Sadly, a variant of this attitude is widespread among a certain class of Objectivists. These individuals also view sex, not as an expression of self-esteem, but as its test. Only their standard isn’t whether they get the girl (or guy): it’s which guy or girl they choose to sleep with.

Einstein’s Contribution to Quantum Theory — Part 3 of 3 by Travis Norsen: Understanding Einstein’s objections to the orthodox quantum theory — and the details of his attempts to construct a reasonable alternative — is a necessary first step toward untangling the quantum mess and constructing a fully rational theory.

Ayn Rand vs. Hollywood’s Self-Censorship — Part 2 of 3 by David P. Hayes: David Hayes chronicles Ayn Rand’s experiences with Hollywood self-censorship during her years as a screenwriter.

The Axiomatic Interview with Diana Mertz Hsieh: Diana Hsieh discusses her break with The Objectivist Center, the errors in David Kelley’s philosophy, and Objectivism’s status as a closed system.

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