Retarded Acronyms

 Posted by on 2 December 2005 at 11:50 am  Uncategorized
Dec 022005

On The Hoondat Report, Bryan laments the vacuous use of acronyms in management training seminars. That’s small potatoes! He should consider himself lucky! After all, he could have been treated to a moving story about the unexpected moral wisdom of a retard.

Yup, I heard one of those recently. (The fact that it was so well-told by a person of good intelligence only made it all the worse.) I’m not sure that a more sure sign of cultural degradation can be found than the common expectation that we can learn deep life lessons from the unfortunate people so mentally deficient as to be unable to tie their own shoelaces. Perhaps it’s not all that surprising, since altruism doesn’t exactly demand or prize high rationality. Any old dolt is capable of sacrifice and suffering!

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